Born in 1960, Changzhou native works span performances, photography, installation, sculpture, video and animation. His practice reflects how history is recorded in this digital age in which certain details may be privileged, forged, tampered with or omitted.

Notable Works

Now All Gone, Training Camp, Objects – Extreme Surprise, Utopia Machine


2016 “Misinterpretation – Zhou Xiaohu Solo Exhibition”, Hao Art Museum

“Overground-Zhou Xiaohu Solo Exhibition”, Shanghai Minsheng Modern Art Museum, Shanghai

2014 “After Ganlu-1980”, Guangzhou Museum of Art, Korea
2011 “Anti-montage – Common Party Strikes Against Differences”, AER BAEL42, Switzerland
2010 “No Soul for Sale”, Tate Modern Gallery, London
2009 “Training Camp – Zhou Xiaohu Solo Exhibition”, Long March Art Space, Beijing
2008 Zhou Xiaohu Solo Exhibition, Walsh Gallery, Chicago