Male, born in 1981 in Beijing. Graduated from. Central Academy of Fine Arts and taught in the Representational Performance Studio of Oil Painting Department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts since August 2007.

Notable Works

“Iron Memory”, “In the Rain”, “Artificial Landscape”, “Li Qingshan Raid Case”


2014 The Third Annual Exhibition of Tsinghua School (Beijing Yanhuang Art Museum)
First China Xinjiang International Biennial Art Exhibition, Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, Urumqi
Xinjiang Impression – Young Artists Painting Xinjiang Creation Exhibition, China Art Museum, Beijing
2013 Three Works of Factory Oil Paintings at Cologne International Gallery Expo, Germany
Oil paintings “A Thousand Years Later”, “In the Rain” and “Artificial Landscape” participated in the “Interactive Video-Contemporary Art Exhibition on both sides of the Taiwan Strait” of the Chinese Art Museum
2012 Oil Painting “Artificial Landscape” Participated in the First National Youth Oil Painting Exhibition
Oil painting “Iron and Steel Totem” and “Tornado” participated in the first CAFAM Future Exhibition (Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum), in which “Iron and Steel Totem” was collected by the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum.
Three Paintings of Abandoned Factory Attended CIGE Asia Art Expo (Beijing International Trade Center)
2011 Oil painting “Iron Memory” participated in the 4th National Youth Art Exhibition (Beijing China Art Museum)
The Oil Painting “Relics” won the first prize in the Oil Painting Exhibition of Shaanxi Province in commemoration of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Party
Three Oil Paintings “Abandoned Factory” Participated in the Youth 100 National Tour Exhibition
Eight Oil Paintings “Abandoned Factory” Participated in “New Meiyuan-70’80 New Youth Art Exhibition” Today Art Museum, No. 22 Art Street, Beijing
Eight Oil Paintings “Abandoned Factory” Participated in the 2011 Art Beijing International Gallery Expo
2010 Oil painting Tianlu participated in 100 national oil painting exhibitions in Jinling and was published in the third issue of Fine Arts in 2011.
Oil Painting “Tower” participated in the Invitational Exhibition of Oil Painting in Northwest China, which was published in the 10th issue of “Art” in 2011.
The oil painting “A Sigh” won the Excellent Award of the 2010 Times Cup Chinese Youth Realistic Art Exhibition and was collected by the Times Art Museum.
The 300,200 cm oil painting “Li Qingshan robbery case” was collected by Wuxi Museum
2010 Oil Painting “Going to Sea” Participated in the Third Asian Art Expo (Beijing International Trade Center)
2009 Oil painting Virgin Land was selected in the National Art Exhibition of “Advocating Green Life and Building Ecological Civilization Together” (Beijing Military Museum)
2008 Oil Painting “Go to Sea” participated in the 2nd National Oil Painting Exhibition of “Spirit of the Times” of China Artistic Association, Kaisheng Art Museum, Beijing
The oil painting “A Sigh” won the 2008 Nominated Works Award for New Artists of Plastic Arts Exhibition (Beijing Museum of Chinese Art) and was published in the 2nd issue of Fine Arts in 2009, the 1st issue of Jiangsu Painting Magazine in 2009, the 3rd issue of Contemporary Art in 2008, and the 4th issue of Northwest Art in 2008.
2006 The oil painting “Spring Cold” participated in the National Small Oil Painting Exhibition of “Landscape and Style”. It won the prize for excellent works. It was collected by Shanghai Art Museum and published in “Shanghai Art”
2001 He was awarded the Excellent Social Practice Award of Wang Jialian Oil Painting Scholarship of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Four of his works, Lotus, were collected by the President’s Office of the Central Academy of Fine Arts