He graduated from the Mural Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2003 and received a master’s degree in painting from the Edinburgh Academy of Fine Arts in 2007. Several public lectures in college inspired his interest in British art, and with curiosity and expectation, he embarked on the road to study in Britain. There, for the first time, he felt the “identity” of a Chinese, and in the change of place and environment, he also recognized his future path: to be an independent artist.

Notable Works

No, 038, 2010, 3, 19, 18:31, 2010, 1, 16, 15:05, Ruins and Untitled


2014 Pull left: not always right

“Cann Ron” – Xie Molin’s solo exhibition “Cann Ron” – Xie Molin’s solo exhibition

2013 Sketch, Expression and Limitation

“Black Bridge and White Phase”: Secretory Field Exhibition 4

ON | OFF: The Concept and Practice of Young Chinese Artists

2012 Xie Molin’s Solo Exhibition

“Worst Exhibition” – Group Exhibition

2011 Youth Art 100. Shanghai Station

Voice of Beijing: After Realism

Absolute – an exhibition of abstract art

2010 Being “City”: 2010 Annual Exhibition of Creation Society of Mural
2008 Reconstruction

Multi-prism-Joint Art Exhibition

Picture Handicraft’2008-Third Exhibition of Picture Handicraft