The artist was admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2000, graduated with a master’s degree in 2009, and stayed at the school to teach at that time.

He is currently a lecturer in the mural department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, a member of the China Artists Association, and a member and deputy secretary-general of the mural arts committee of the China Artists Association.  Members of China Mural Society, Beijing Oil Painting Society and China Architecture Society.  The head of the Department of External Relations of the Mural Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the head of the Youth Excellence Program of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission.  Initiator and member of ” No Two Group” of art group.

the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China, the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the China Artists Association. The ” Change of 1898″ won the second national mural exhibition award.


The large group work ” Battle of Zhuolu” won the silver prize of the 11th National Art Exhibition and the first China Art Award jointly sponsored by

Notable works

Large-scale Historical Paintings: Battle of Zhuolu, Change of 1898, War of Jiawu, Zhao Jun’s Withdrawal, Fuxi, Nuwa, Defending the Country, Imperial Britain’s Campaign to Protect Mines, Deng Keng, Wang Ruofei, and Dong Zhentang.


Murals: Beijing Beihai North Station Subway Mural ” Beihai Range Rover” and Beijing Subway Line 6 Dongxiayuan Station Mural The spring breeze is warm, the Erdos giant landscape mural ” Mongolian legend”, and the drawing ” love and sharing” in the lobby of PICC headquarters building at 88 Chang’ an street in Beijing.


Sculpture;  Anhui Hongyuan Square’s large-scale theme stone sculptures ” Iron Mountains and Rivers”, ” Shu Chuanxian” and ” Painting Saint Wu Daozi” etc.