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Born in 1981 in Yueyang, Hunan Province, graduated from Yueyang Normal University in 2005 and now lives and works in Beijing.

Liao Jianhua’s works transform a simple element into a simplified form without end, without interruption or limitation. The picture as a whole looks calm, while the simplified forms at the subtle points are all complicated and orderly, overlapping and interlaced with directions, and the changes are subtle and endless.  The work has an abstract and metaphysical nature. The shape of every brush stroke in the process, or every hand-made action, is beyond images, abstract, simple, metaphysical, and directly corresponds to the soul.  Numerous attribute to simplicity, real attribute to emptiness, and attribute to purity, simplicity and insipidity. This series of ” Si Kong Tu” works are full of Zen.

Notable works

” Jing ljh1446″, ” Si Kong Tu”, ” No Intention” and ” Jing LJH”


2013 ” Si Kong Tu” Liao Jianhua solo exhibition Shan Mei Contemporary Art Gallery Beijing, China
2013 ” Line of Joy” 2013 Liao Jianhua Solo Exhibition Collection Shenzhen, China
2013  ” Heart Phase” 2013 Liao Jianhua Individual Exhibition egg Gallery Beijing, China
2011 ” Intentional or Unintentional” Liao Jianhua Works Exhibition Long Dexuan Contemporary Art Center Beijing, China
2009  Liao Jianhua’s First Solo Exhibition ” Sikong Chart” Y2ARTS Showroom Singapore