Currently, he is a member of the China Artists Association, a member of the Sichuan Artists Association’s Committee on Comprehensive Materials and Painting, an associate professor and master’s tutor of the Southwest University for Nationalities Art Institute.  Since 2006, he has completed the painting of more than 100 grottoes in Dazu and Anyue County.

Notable Works

There is no end to life-Guanyin, Mahasthamaprapta, the present teacher and the dharma body, the fourth generation on the other side, and Hua-Vairocana.



2014 “Peaceful Power Two Show” Beijing

“Cliff New Words Li Yun Yan Anyue County Grottoes Exhibition” Chengdu

2012 “Spirit of Life Li Yun Yan Anyue County Grottoes Painting Exhibition” Anyue County
2011 “Nirvana Li Yun Yan Bashu Grottoes Painting Exhibition” Chengdu