Born in Tianjin in April 1958, Li Jin’s paintings are based on the “ordinary paintings of ordinary people”. Through the depiction of life scenes, the subtle tastes between family and family are reflected. His understanding of sketches is covered in the techniques of Chinese ink painting, and combines contemporary expression color with national culture. In China’s long-standing cultural tradition, he has found a development path of contemporary art with unique style. Feng Xiaocai commented on his paintings and said: “Li Jin’s works are always idealistic return to the past idyllic; as for his modern image of the cultural change in the rural homeland of the East, it should be a deep rich The spiritual symbol and cultural symbol of philosophy revelation.” He is one of the most outstanding young painters in China and is called the most spiritual and talented artist by the art world. He is currently an associate professor of the Fine Arts Education Department of the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and a member of the Academic Committee.

Notable Works

Illusion Under Pine, Brother, New York Spring, Feast No.1


2013 Li Jin Exhibition, The Hughes Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2012 “Li Jin – Today – Feast” Li Jin Solo Exhibition Beijing Today Art Museum
2010 Lijin Art Exhibition, Mannheim, Germany Carsten Gallery
2009 Lijin Art Exhibition Frankfurt, Germany Marina Gallery
2008 Lijin Art Exhibition Frankfurt, Germany Marina Gallery
2007 Li Jin Solo Exhibition, New York, New York

Li Jin, Art Changsha China, Hunan Changsha Museum

Diet Men and Women Seoul, Korea ARTSIDE Gallery

Consumer Interchange San Francisco, USA Hans Gallery

2006 Li Jin’s new exhibition, Germany, Aisha Fenburg 99 Gallery

Li Jin China, Shanghai Art Gallery

Li Jin’s personal exhibition in Australia, Sydney. Hugh Gallery

2005 “Diet Men and Women” San Francisco Hans Gallery, USA

“Diet Men and Women” Li Jincai Ink Painting Exhibition Thailand, Bangkok

2004 Li Jin: New Works China, Beijing Siheyuan Gallery
2003 “Li Jin – Feast” USA, Seattle Seattle Museum
2002 “Diet Men and Women—Lijin Ink Exhibition” Hong Kong Gallery

“Food—Lizhan Ink Painting Exhibition” Li Dongzai Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2001 “Li Jin Ink Painting Exhibition” Ray Hughes Art Museum, Australia

“Li Jin Personal New Ink” Beijing Siheyuan Gallery

2000 “Li Jin Ink and Wash Character Exhibition”, Stockholm, Sweden,Bauman Art Museum
1996 “Lijin Ink and Wash Exhibition”, Vienna, Austria
1995 “Outside the Wall – Lijin Ink Painting Exhibition” Beijing Hanmo Spring and Summer Gallery hosted a solo exhibition
1994 “Li Jin Character Painting Exhibition” Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art
1990 “Lijin Art Exhibition”, University of Verona, Philadelphia, USA