Ben Puah(b.1976)is an established artist, who currently lives and works in Singapore. He see himself as rat in a laboratory(world) where experiments are being carried out on him and he is the result of them.

He is exploring on his art movement POST SURREAL MONOPOLYISM in his works which explores theme of self identity (real & unreal going in a parallel line) in our cosmopolitan society and re-interpret it in his own world.

His works are in forms of paintings, drawings, sculptures, performance art, music, film and streetwear.

Ben’s love for children inspired him to organise public art projects with active participation from schools, Singapore Children’s Society and community.

In our world full of uncertainties, Ben want to create artworks with the young ones to spread the message of PEACE, LOVE and CELEBRATION OF LIFE across to the masses.

Ben Puah has exhibited his works in Singapore, Australia, Japan, USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil, London, Malaysia and China. His artwork is in the public and private collections in numerous local and international locations.