Adeline makes installations, photography and sound works that reconsider the relationship we have with things and rituals around us. Her works are imbued with a sense of desire and longing, and act as modern-day totems that explore personal histories and overlooked moments.

She has produced installations and interventionist projects within the collaborative MatriXial Technologies (with Faith Wilding & subRosas) in old boys network 01 (Hamburg, 2001), Next 5 Minutes 4: International Festival of Tactical Media (Amsterdam, 2003), and Version >03 Digital Art Convergence (Chicago, 2003). She has also exhibited in the UK, USA, The Netherlands, Turkey and Australia.

Rooted in critical studies, her research interests include notions of monstrosity within Southeast Asian contexts, architecture, fashion and the future of cinema. Adeline has chaired and presented at a number of cultural studies conferences in the UK, Australia, Finland, Hungary, Singapore and Malaysia.

Currently a Senior Lecturer with the MA Fine Arts Programme at LASALLE, she is also a consultant for a number of research, lifestyle, film, art and design projects, including Hermes Singapore in 2016.